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Our aims/objectives are:

  • To provide support and practical assistance on a daily basis in order to enable our customers to live in the local community; as independently as possible with our key focus to be improved quality of life.
  • To promote the emotional wellbeing and health of the customers receiving a service from us and to support our customers with dignity, respect, choice and empowerment with all aspects of their daily life.
  • To support all our customers to access and participate in employment, day services, adult education, voluntary work or other activities with the local community and to gain recognition for their positive contribution within the local community.
  • To offer at all times a service that is responsive to individual customers' needs; is safe and takes into consideration their quality of life and personal choice and has an ethos of positive risk management.
  • To build positive relationships with our customers, their families/friends, employees, and professionals involved in their care and local authority commissioners.

The registered provider :  Court Lodge Limited
The registered manager:   Mary Martinez
Responsible Individual :   Mary Martinez

Casa Maria

Casa Maria

Mary Martinez

Mary has an extensive background in providing care for adults with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health. Mary qualified as a Registered Nurse for Learning Disabilities and then qualified as a Nurse in Mental Health. Mary has a Masters in Mental Health Management.

Mary has managed services in Learning Disabilities at a very senior level and has also managed Acute Mental Health Inpatient Units, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and has worked in Forensic Services.

To find out more please call on 01372 800 926

Mary Martinez

Mary Martinez

Testimonials ~ For the services provided by Mary Martinez and her team of carers at Casa Maria.

This is a testimonial for the services provided by Mary Martinez and her team of carers at Casa Maria. There is always a most welcoming feel to the house when a visit is made and the welcome is most genuine. My cousin lives at Casa Maria and has been there for 7 years, during which time she has built up a relationship with her carers. This has proved to be the best of care although there have been some difficult times for an extremely vulnerable adult. Her ability has been mistaken on many occasions in the past and problems escalated to trauma level. But, at Casa Maria this has not been the case –the problems have been identified and dealt with most professionally and satisfactorily. The house is run on very clear lines of respect being given and received. Activities for the ladies is of prime importance and these have been sourced to suit their needs and they are taken where and when needed and an interest shown by the carers in what the ladies are doing.
All things considered we are very pleased with the level of care and consideration given to the residents. ~ Mrs A S (Family)

Z was the first to move into Court Lodge in November 2016 and very quickly settled into her new routine. The attention Z has been given by the staff has been rewarding, she has increased her communication skills in so much as understanding and answering in a semi coherent fashion, simple requests and is pleased with herself when these are achieved.
In the 40 years Z has been in care this has been the most notable improvement in her demeanour, her appearance, her behaviour and her communication skills. ~ Mr and Mrs P (parents)

Whenever I visit Casa Maria, there is always a warm welcome and I see a very caring and well-run "home", in every sense of the word. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Martinez as an honest, efficient and unselfish person. Anybody who needs support in daily living would be fortunate to find accommodation at Casa Maria. ~ Mrs B C (Family)

Early in 2015, M was very fortunate to be referred to Casa Maria where she has flourished. Therapeutic support is provided at Casa Maria within an extremely homely environment. The established team enables a positive rapport to be developed which ensures consistency of responses and support. M is given the opportunity to participate in a range of meaningful activities including social events appropriate to her age and interests. M always talks positively about her home and those supporting her. She also relates well to her peers which is something she had previously found very difficult. It is heartening to see the progress that M is making and how fortunate she is to be living at Casa Maria. ~ Mrs J (Friend)

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