Casa Maria

Casa Maria is a supported living service in Epsom for 4 females with Learning Disabilities who may also present with mental health and/or complex needs. Situated within a residential location, Casa Maria is located near to local convenience shops, public transport and amenities. Casa Maria offers a homely environment that serves to enable and empower the customers/tenants with choice and well-being as well as supporting them to fully access their local community and facilities.

Service Delivery and model:

This model is a supported tenancy model and as such, will have staff on-site 24 hours a day. This will ensure that risks present for individuals can be managed, and that troubleshooting and problem-solving can be achieved as and when the need actually arises. The service delivery will include:

  • It will seek to support the on-going development of social skills, life skills, sensory, behavioural and communication needs specific to the individual need.
  • Provision of meaningful occupation that takes in to account bespoke need and aligns with outcomes and person centered planning.
  • Outcome focused activity and weekly planners will be developed with each individual.
  • We will support the individual(s) to maintain relationships with families and friends.
  • We will seek to provide consistent staffing input to promote a positive relationship between individual and staff members.
  • Staffing will be offered throughout a 24 hour period with a 'sleep-in' on duty during the night (waking night can also be offered, at an additional cost, should this be needed).
  • Each staff member will have received training in all our designated mandatory fields and receive regular 'observed practice' and supervisions to ensure on-going professional development.
  • 1:1 support will be commissioned as assessed and required throughout the day hours.
  • Rooms can be personalized and decorated to individual taste.
  • We will support the tenants to have as much participation in the running of their home as possible; as such, tenant/representatives meetings, keyworker meetings and regular feedback surveys all play a large part in ensuring a quality service that meets individual need and maintains customer care